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Quality Inspector

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Dayton, OH

Quality Inspector


Job Description

Job Title - Quality Inspector

The Quality Inspector typically performs the following duties, but not necessarily limited to them.

  • Perform precision, mechanical inspection manufactured or subcontracted parts, materials, jigs, fixtures, gages and other tools.
  • Ensure conformance to customer requirements through the use of calibrated measuring equipment, certified gaging and visual inspections for (1st articles, in-process & final inspections)
  • Train and assist others with interpretation of customer’s drawings /blueprints and specifications.
  • Maintain of calibrated equipment and calibration of all quality tools will be required as well as updating calibration log within our ISO system. Inspector will typically check all paper work and file appropriate certifications and other inspection documentation.
  • Ability to follow documented procedures and standards.
  • Process nonconforming materials and parts.
  • Report safety or process control concerns to floor as well as upstream managers.
  • Show strong organizational skills.

Job Requirements

  • The Quality Inspector will demonstrate full understanding and experience of the quality system, including first article, first part, calibration, industry standards, gaging and certification methodology.
  • The inspector will have full understanding of routing and reporting requirements.
  • The inspector will possess excellent attention to detail and accuracy.
  • Ability to use and interpret basic measuring tools micrometers, calipers, gauge blocks, thread gauges, bore gauges, manual CMM, height gauge and comparator
  • Lead quality inspector 3 years’ experience thorough knowledge of Geometric algebra, English & metric. Good written & communication skills. 

Job Responsibilities

  • The inspector is responsible for the timely and accurate quality appraisal of all parts and resources
  • The inspector is responsible for the accuracy of all routers and certification that pass through his procedures.
  • The inspector is responsible for reporting and all detected aberrations of quality issues both in parts and procedures.
  • The inspector is responsible for timely calibration of all quality tools.
  • The inspector is responsible for keeping documentation with parts until their release to customer. 

Starting pay is $16.00 - $19.00 an hour! 




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