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Tool Controller

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Cincinnati, OH

Tool Controller


Job Description

" Daily open all boxes delivered or brought to CPI
" Receive tools into computer (including any necessary research) and generate an in-house work order.
" Next, attach work orders to tools and stage in appropriate location
" Approved for service
" In Advise status
" Outsource
" Generate a Purchase Order by computer for any tool requiring out-source.
" Place the paperwork and tool on the shipping counter.
" Daily contact customers with estimates.
" E-mail to begin (fax if e-mail not appropriate)
" All tools in Advise status are to be re-advised ever 5 business days
" If it reaches a third advise this need to be done via direct phone contact
" All activity to be recorded and documented in the system
" When the Advise or Estimate is approved, record / document in system
" Make any needed markings or additional detail on appropriate work order and deliver the tool(s) to the appropriate staging area(s)
" When tagging in an item or items scan in any and all paperwork received with the items into the system
" All tools received or delivered to CPI to be tagged in no later than 24 hours after receipt
" Work area to be clean and well organized.
" All other duties as assigned by supervisor.

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