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Thermo Operator

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Middletown, OH

Thermo Operator


Job Description

Thermo Operator 

The Thermo former Operator Level I is responsible for the operation and quality of bubble wrap and other similar products produced by the forming machines.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:
o Understand machine mechanics, including unwind, knives, rollers, web, etc.
o Job setup or changeover on machine with no supervision following standard work procedures
o Perform necessary machine power/startup, setup, changeovers, shift turnovers, and power down procedures with supervision or assistance
o Measure and test product
o Identify defects in product
o Read and comprehend work order
o Accurately complete "First Off Check Sheet"
o Produce product to work order specifications
o Dimensions o Box quantities o Pallet configurations o Label information o Placard information
o Run speed (bags/rolls/lbs./pks. per hour) maintained o Roll size
o Perforation location, performance and size
o Print labels for finished goods and ensure proper placement
o Complete and apply roll tags
o Maintain budgeted scrap levels
o Complete Quality check sheet after every roll/per required frequency. Must maintain 90% compliance.
o Complete production data entry consistently and accurately into applicable computer systems
o Maintain required inventory levels for pull system
o Stage rolls in required locations
o Familiar with downstream equipment
o Close work orders (remove job packets, placard for partials, remove materials)
o Identify E-stops and safety sensitive areas
o Assist in Maintenance PM's
o Material boards accurate and updated
o Housekeeping per 5S Handoff Audits
o Workbenches clean and organized o Scrap removed o Trash dumped o Floors swept
o QA samples neatly placed in boxes o Full QA boxes removed and tagged properly o Excess or unused materials removed
o Practice safe behavior with regards to equipment and task
o Able to resolve technical problems independently or with the assistance of a Lead


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