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CNC Machinist

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Dayton, OH

CNC Machinist


Job Description

We are looking for an experienced CNC Machinist who can perform set-ups, tool changes, off-sets in addition to operating various pieces of CNC equipment.  There are openings on both first and second shift.  

Qualified candidate must be able to perform these essential functions:

  • Reads and interprets blueprints, planning sheets, sketches, and related technical data to determine tooling requirements, setup procedures, control settings and machining methods and sequences.
  • Mounts, aligns, and secures tooling attachments and work piece on machine
  • Selects and installs cutting tools in machine spindles
  • Calculates and sets machine controls to position spindle in relationship to work piece and to regulate factors such as cutting depth, speed, feed and coolant flow
  • Starts machine and monitors displays and machine operation to detect malfunctions
  • Stops machine to change cutting tools and setup according to required machining sequence or to measure parts for conformance to blueprint specifications
  • Enters commands or manually adjusts machine controls to correct malfunctions or out-of-tolerance machining
  • Operates machine manually to perform non-automated functions
  • Performs machine maintenance
  • Inspects product to determine compliance with order specifications, both dimensional and visual; GCE's quality control system for compliance with requirements for conformity to specified standards.

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