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Mobile Services Technician

Job Snapshot

Dayton, OH

Mobile Services Technician


Job Description

Mechanical aptitude, hydraulics, pnuematic and lubrication schematics, machine guarding installations, lock out tag out, good driving record, install and fabricate industrial machinery.


The three primary functions of this position are: 1) install and repair hydraulic, pneumatic and lubrication systems on machinery and equipment in a customer's facility, 2) install pre-fabricated machine guarding and platform kits at a customer's facility, and 3) work with manufacturing supervisor to perform assembly duties in house when on-site services are not scheduled.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities:  

  • Deliver all necessary equipment and materials to the customer's facility.
  • Read and comprehend hydraulic, pneumatic and lubrication schematics as well as layout drawings of machine guarding installations.
  • Observe all safety guidelines. Recognize electrical disconnect(s) and verify power is off before working on any system. Discharge system using manual unloading valve before commencing work.
  • Determine general layout of circuit and install components accordingly.
  • Fabricate and install hydraulic, pneumatic and lubrication plumbing (tubing and hose assemblies) on machinery and equipment.
  • Install pre-fabricated guarding at customer location and fabricate any additional panels on-site as needed.
  • Replace worn or damaged hydraulic components such as oil lines, fittings, cylinders, valves, gaskets and seals.
  • Disassemble hydraulic systems and remove or replace defective motors, pumps, valving and actuators on occasion.
  • Visually inspect completed installations by examining all components, fluid lines and guarding. Observe and listen to operating machinery to detect any malfunctions.
  • Read indicators such as pressure gauges, flow meters and temperature gauges to analyze system performance.
  • Connect charging assembly to accumulator and pre-charge accumulator



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